Tech company salary info open to all employees

NYC-based company’s merit system produces better results: Consultant
By Zachary Pedersen
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 03/20/2013

Money isn’t a taboo subject at SumAll. Employees know exactly what their colleagues make, the details of their performance reviews and how much of a raise they’re getting.

The New York City-based data analytics company’s 30 or so employees can open a shared document on the network to compare salaries, including equities and bonuses for all employees, says SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson, whose own salary is among those listed.

“We have a lot less time lost to games, bureaucracy, negotiations all the drama that goes along with salary,” he says. “It’s much clearer to be a merit-based business, so people strive to really prove themselves, not to one individual who’s controlling their salary, but to the team as a whole.”