Do summer students get vacation pay?

Are we required to pay students for statutory holidays during their time with us?
By Annie Chong
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 05/07/2012

Question: We have hired summer students to work for us over the summer. Are they entitled to vacation pay?

Answer: None of the jurisdictions in Canada specifically exclude summer students from vacation pay standards.
Unless the students are excluded from vacation standards for some other reason, they are entitled to vacation pay.

Paying summer students for statutory holidays

Question: Are we required to pay summer students for statutory holidays that occur while they are working for us?

Answer: Summer students are entitled to statutory holiday pay if they meet employment/labour standards minimum eligibility requirements and are not excluded under employment and labour standards law for some other reason.

Many jurisdictions have minimum eligibility requirements that set out the number of days an employee must work before being eligible for a paid statutory holiday.

Including wages in lieu of notice in vacation pay

Question: We are terminating the employment of one of our workers. We will be paying her wages in lieu of notice, as well as outstanding vacation pay. When calculating the amount of the vacation pay owing to her, do we have to include the wages in lieu of notice in the vacation pay?