Manitoba construction worker minimum wages to increase 3 per cent

Wages for the industrial, commercial and institutional sector to go up June 1
||Last Updated: 03/05/2012

Manitoba’s minimum wages for the commercial, industrial and heavy-construction sectors will be going up three per cent this year.

The Construction Industry Wages Consultation Panel came to a consensus on the changes and based on its recommendation, wages for the industrial, commercial and institutional sector will increase three per cent June 1 and again on Jan. 1, 2013.

Wages in the heavy construction sector will see two consecutive annual increases of three per cent, with the first raise taking effect on May 1.

The panel is a joint industry-labour group covering rural and urban construction. The Construction Industry Wages Act divides the construction industry into the heavy sector and the industrial, commercial and institutional sector.

Wage rates differ depending on the type of work performed and encourage participation in the apprenticeship training system to ensure a skilled workforce, said Family Services and Labour Minister Jennifer Howard.

More information on wage rates can be found at

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