Brushing up on payroll and holidays

What every payroll professional needs to know for the busy holiday season
By Shawn Ewasiuk
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 12/01/2010

Holidays may come as welcome relief to employees but, for payroll professionals, it can usher in a flurry of activity. As a period of several holidays swiftly approaches on the calendar, it is worthwhile to brush up on the basics to make sure there are no last minute surprises.

Every jurisdiction in Canada outlines a number of statutory holidays and mandates certain employee privileges accordingly. Employees that meet the qualifying requirements are entitled to have the time off with pay, or payment of a premium rate if they are required to work.

Although there are significant regional differences in holiday pay legislative requirements, there are general themes that exist throughout many jurisdictions. It is critical to understand the regional exceptions and differences when looking at a specific application, but a discussion on these common threads is an important first step.