Ontario protests defend Bill 148, $15 minimum wage

Actions follow government’s consideration of repeal
|payroll-reporter.com|Last Updated: 10/24/2018
A Fight for $15 rally took place outside the Ministry of Labour offices in Toronto on Oct. 15. Photo courtesy of Jared Ong

Co-ordinated protests are expected to happen in Ontario on Oct. 15, in an effort to defend Bill 148 and the minimum wage to $15 increase currently scheduled for Jan. 1, 2019.

The rallies will target ridings of Conservative MPPs after Premier Doug Ford recently revealed his government is considering the full repeal of Bill 148, cancelling Ontario’s decent work laws.

“It is not too late for Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet to do the right thing and help Ontario workers,” said Ontario Federation of Labour president Chris Buckley in a news release.

Actions across the province are expected to range from public rallies to workplace and campus actions.

“Nearly 2 million workers are scheduled to get a raise in 11 weeks,” said Pam Frache, co-ordinator of Fight for $15 & Fairness Campaign. “Repealing Bill 148 now would be a slap in the face of many workers who voted for Premier Ford.”

Note: The photo for this story has been updated.

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