Think your payroll is complex? Think again

Canada 31st in payroll complexity: Survey
By Sheila Brawn
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 12/01/2017

Canada ranks in the bottom 40 per cent when it comes to the complexity of doing payroll, says a new report measuring the intricacies of payroll in 48 countries.

The Global Payroll Complexity Index 2017, prepared by HR and payroll solutions provider NGA Human Resources, gave Canada an average complexity score of 5.07 out of 10, below the global average of 5.54. That placed Canada at number 31 on the list.

The country with the most complex payroll was France, with a score of 7.59, followed by Italy at 7.56. Malaysia had the least complex payroll of the countries measured, scoring 1.18 on the scale. The United States ranked 18th, with a score of 5.78.