Manitoba proposes job-protected time off work for domestic violence victims

Change to amendments would be first for Canada
By Sheila Brawn
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 01/04/2016

Employees in Manitoba who are victims of domestic violence may soon be able to take time off work to deal with the problem without having to worry about losing their job or, in some cases, their pay.

The Manitoba legislature is considering amendments to the province’s Employment Standards Code that would add leave for domestic violence to the list of job-protected leaves governed by the legislation. If passed, the province would be the first in Canada to implement a leave specifically for domestic violence.

Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun tabled Bill 8, The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act (Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Leave for Serious Injury or Illness and Extension of Compassionate Care Leave), in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in late November.