Manitoba proposes changes to benefit domestic violence victims

Would provide right to time off work without fear of job loss
||Last Updated: 11/25/2015

Manitoba is planning to introduce changes to the Employment Standards Code that would give victims of domestic violence the right to time off work without fear of job loss.

Under the proposed legislation, employees who are victims of domestic violence would be entitled to take a leave of absence in a broad range of circumstances including up to 10 days to use as needed and a continuous period of leave of up to 17 weeks.

Leaves would be available in each 52-week period, with up to five days of leave paid, said Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun.

“This proposed first-in-Canada legislation would ensure that victims of domestic violence have financial security, job protection and flexibility to take time away from work to recover from violence,” said Braun.

“Our ‘Can Work Be Safe When Home Isn’t?’ survey clearly showed that a significant number of workers experience domestic violence, and that the violence follows people to work, putting jobs and workplace safety at risk,” said Barb Byers, secretary-treasurer, Canadian Labour Congress, referencing a survey conducted by SAFE Work Manitoba.

During leave employees dealing with a long-term illness or injury or during extended compassionate care leave, would have access to corresponding federal employment insurance benefits, said Braun.

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