53 Pan Am Games execs to split $5.7 million in bonuses

Some to receive bonus equal to 100 per cent of their salary: Report
By Keith Leslie/The Canadian Press
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 09/16/2015

TORONTO (CP) — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says it appears that this summer's Pan Am Games came in under budget, but the final numbers won't be known for up to a year.

The chair of the TO2015 Organizing Committee says the capital surplus for the Games, which wrapped up in August, was at least $56 million, and possibly $66 million.

He says preliminary, unaudited statements currently forecast a modest budget surplus.

But the Progressive Conservatives say they are concerned about the lack of transparency for the Games' estimated $2.5-billion budget and are asking the auditor general to conduct a full audit.

Wynne also defends the $5.7 million in bonuses that will be split among 53 executives at the organizing committee, with some getting as much as 100 per cent of their salary.

She says the same kinds of arrangements are in contracts for key officials at international sporting events around the world so there's a guarantee that specific targets and goals will be met.

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