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|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 01/05/2015

CRA launches app for completing TD1s


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched a new online application called the Tax Deduction Estimator (form TD1) that helps individuals complete federal and provincial/territorial personal tax credit returns.

Employees enter information such as annual net income, their spouse or common-law partner’s net income and dependants’ ages and net income into the required online boxes. Based on the information, the application will calculate the tax credits for which the individual may qualify.

When completed, employees can add their name, address, date of birth and social insurance number and print it as a TD1 in PDF format. They can then sign it and give it to their employer. The application also offers an option to create an XML version of the form for employers that prefer to receive them that way.

The application is available on the CRA’s website at