Employer goes paperless

Peto MacCallum sees greater efficiencies, lower costs
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 10/03/2013

In 2012, Peto MacCallum in Toronto found itself with an outdated payroll system. Implemented in 1999, there were no more updates to be had and the newest operating system it could work on was Windows XP — though the engineering consulting firm was upgrading to Windows 7.

There were other challenges too, according to Judy Singh, HR and payroll co-ordinator.

“It was actually all paper-based and there were no import or export functions, so although most of our employees (are) salary, about 80 per cent of them still get paid overtime in addition to 40 hours per week,” she says. “We actually had to go in and put in, key in all that overtime, so we’d be doing two entries, so if they had basic overtime and overtime at one-and-a-half.”