Nova Scotia to increase access to parental leave

More closely aligns labour standards to federal rules
||Last Updated: 09/03/2013

Nova Scotia is planning to amend the Labour Standards Code to make it easier for people to take parental leave.

With the change, someone employed for six months with an employer could qualify for pregnancy or parental leave, guaranteeing the right to return to the same job or a comparable one.

Right now, employees have to be in a job for one year before their job is protected.

"We need to do a better job supporting young working families so they can continue to contribute to our economy and grow their family,” said Premier Darrell Dexter.

The federal government requires people to work at least 600 hours per year to qualify for parental employment insurance benefits. The hours can be full-time, which works out to 15 weeks, part-time or other flexible work arrangements.

This change would more closely align Nova Scotia’s Labour Standard Code rules with those of the federal government. The change is expected to be in place by 2015.

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