Commission for all staff: U.S company

Experts weigh pros, cons of approach
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 07/08/2013

All employees at software company Fishbowl in Orem, Utah, are paid a commission — from administration, finance and human resources to sales and customer support.

“We put every member of the company — and we do mean everyone — on commission. In our opinion, every employee contributes to sales, so we pay everyone based on company revenues instead of using a more traditional bonus or profit-sharing plan,” said David Williams, CEO, and Mary Michelle Scott, president, in an online blog for the Harvard Business Review in March.

The commission plan is different for every role and department. It can range from 10 per cent salary and 90 per cent commission for salespeople, to 80 per cent salary and 20 per cent commission for programmers and engineers, they said.