Federal budget scarce on payroll changes

No changes in tax brackets, rates
By Melissa Mancini
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 05/07/2013

The federal budget had relatively few payroll-related announcements this year.

“With federal budgets, you’re always looking for tax increases or a reduction in taxes but basically in this years’ budget there was no announcements referring to any tax changes,” said Annie Chong, manager of the payroll consulting group at Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business.

The budget didn’t propose any further changes to previously announced EI premium rates. In the 2012 budget, the government announced EI premium rates would be set at 1.88 per cent for 2013, 1.93 per cent for 2014, 1.98 per cent for 2015 and 1.95 per cent for 2016.