Website lists Alberta employers that don’t pay workers properly

Province stepping up employment standards enforcement
||Last Updated: 06/21/2012

Employers in Alberta that don’t pay employees properly could find their name listed on a new web page. The provincial government is increasing its efforts to improve fairness in the workplace through a combination of increased education tools and enforcement regarding employment standards.

These efforts include the launch of a web page (at Alberta) with up-to-date information about employers that currently have judgments for unpaid employee earnings registered against them in the Alberta courts.

The new web page includes the names of about 1,700 employers with a combined 3,500 unsatisfied claims for earnings totaling over $14 million. Some date back 10 years but employers can have their names removed from the list by paying the earnings as directed.

“We need both employers and employees to be aware of their responsibilities and rights in the workplace which in turn contributes to respectful work environments,” said Dave Hancock, minister of human services. “We have now put some very accessible tools in place to educate the community about the Employment Standards Code which should contribute to reducing complaints, while creating awareness about those employers with outstanding claims.”

Albertans can also sign up online for free local workshops that provide detailed information on applying the Employment Standards Code and regulation to everyday situations.

The Alberta government is also improving access to information and educational materials about employment standards to encourage compliance with standards and to help reduce claims.

“A balance of education and enforcement is the key to reducing the number of claims. If employers are having difficulty understanding or following the rules, we can help with workshops, tool kits and materials such as the new Employment Standards Video Basics series,” said Hancock.

The video series is based on the Employment Standards Tool Kit for Employers, which was introduced in 2011.

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