Legislative roundup: Changes in payroll laws and regulations from across Canada

Alberta minimum wage tied to CPI • Ontario unveils hours of work and overtime tool • Quebec minimum wage to rise • New Brunswick minimum wage going up • Newfoundland and Labrador reviewing WHSCC • Nova Scotia minimum wage going up • P.E.I. minimum wage going up • WCB P.E.I. rolls out operational plan for 2012
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 03/08/2012


Minimum wage tied to CPI

Minimum wage changes in Alberta will now be tied to the consumer price index (CPI). The minimum wage change will be implemented on Sept. 1. The government has promised to give three months’ notice of indexed minimum wage changes for the province in the future.


Minimum wage under review

The Yukon territory adjusts its minimum wage every April 1 based on the consumer price index. The Employment Standards Board is reviewing the minimum wage rate. At press time, no announcement on any changes had been made.


Ontario unveils hours of work and overtime tool

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has rolled out a new tool to help employers understand and comply with rules about hours of work and overtime under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The hours of work and overtime tool is designed to help employers confirm and comply with specific rules concerning employee hours of work. The tool can help determine compliance for a range of standards such as daily rest, overtime, averaging and rest between shifts. The tool features tutorials and calculators on topics including overtime and time off in lieu, daily rest and rest between shifts. It serves as an introduction and link to the online forms required for requesting excess hours and overtime averaging, according to the ministry. The ministry has five other online tools to help employers and employees understand and comply with the ESA, including a severance tool, a termination tool and a public holiday calculator. The tool is available at: www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/tools/hours/index.php.