Toronto should consider outsourcing payroll: KPMG report

Payroll admin costs city nearly $6 million a year
||Last Updated: 07/20/2011

A report from KPMG suggests the City of Toronto should consider shared services or outsourcing payroll, which could save the municipality up to 20 per cent.

The city commissioned the report to look at ways it can save money. Payroll administration costs the city about $5.74 million per year.

The report suggests Toronto consider making the change by 2013.

It also says the city should consider reducing the number of pay runs per month from 22. It suggests this change be made by 2013. Changing the number of pay runs would also save up to 20 per cent, the report said.

The presentation is currently available online, but won’t come in from of the city’s government management committee until July 26.

The presentation is available at:

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