Mobile enabling time and attendance

Time collection for remote and field employees easier when mobile
By Mark Nickson
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 07/06/2011

Most organizations have a portion of their workforce in the field, operating remotely. This subset of employees typically does not have access to the Internet. If they are hourly workers, it’s not possible for them to use a traditional time clock.

Although this part of the workforce can’t use the Internet or a time clock, they almost all have access to a phone and can use it to interact with their organizations’ time and attendance, scheduling, and absence management system.

This form of communication is called interactive voice response (IVR). Most people are familiar with IVR having used it for things such as telephone banking and airline arrival information. American Payroll Association (APA) research from May 2007 found two-thirds of payroll and HR professionals were unaware of this form of automation available for the mobile, field workforce.