Legislative roundup: Changes in payroll laws and regulations from across Canada

Saskatchewan tax credits changing for 2011 • Manitoba tax credits changing for 2011 • Ontario passes mandatory retirement for firefighters • N.L. budget raises exemption threshold on payroll tax • New Brunswick tax rate changing • New Brunswick tax credits changing for 2011 • Nova Scotia tax credits changing • Nova Scotia minimum wage going up • Prince Edward Island minimum wage increase
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 06/02/2011


Saskatchewan tax credits changing for 2011

The March 23 provincial budget proposed increasing non-refundable tax credits claimed on a Saskatchewan TD1 for 2011. The increases would be implemented July 1. The budget proposes to raise the basic personal amount and the maximum claim amount for the spouse or common law partner and eligible dependent tax credits from $13,535 to $14,535. It would also increase the Child Amount from $5,014 to $5,514. The Canada Revenue Agency is revising the TD1SK, Personal Tax Credits Return, to incorporate the proposed changes.