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Payroll News
Nov 19, 2014
Women's representation nearly doubles

Nov 17, 2014
New wage to take effect Dec. 31

Nov 7, 2014
Government workers took average of 11 sick days in 2012, high correlation with sports events, holidays

Nov 6, 2014
Canada, U.S. forecasting 3 per cent increases for fifth year

Nov 3, 2014
In bid to strengthen job security for families, 3 new leaves are now available to workers

Oct 30, 2014
More employers having trouble recruiting, retaining

Oct 28, 2014
Sixty per cent have not saved enough
Global Payroll News
Nov 19, 2014
Broad survey of incomes shows two sides of story

Nov 17, 2014
Blames multi-employer plans

Nov 17, 2014
Could lead to increased wages for workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh
Current Issue
A look at history of premiums, suggestions for future

Payroll needs to know, follow the rules

Complying with CPP rules for older employees can be a challenge

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Mining, oil and gas extraction sees 10 per cent increase over the last year
Struggling with the decision to pay an intern or not? Canadian HR Reporter TV turned to the experts to get employers informed and keep out of any legal trouble

Getting Compensation Back on Track

Practical action plans for alleviating common pain points
 Payroll FAQS 2014

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