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Payroll News
Sep 30, 2014
Not paying minimum wage, providing vacation pay most common violations

Sep 26, 2014
Job growth 'quite strong' mid-year

Sep 26, 2014
To slow down hiring, streamline collective bargaining

Sep 25, 2014
Survey shows employers focusing on mental health and wellness in the workplace

Sep 23, 2014
EI tribunal reverses decision on eligibility for parental benefits

Sep 23, 2014
If wages don't improve, economic growth, social stability at risk

Sep 22, 2014
Legislation calls for 50-50 split between municipalities, workers
Global Payroll News
Oct 1, 2014
Order expected to apply to 18,000 employees, including many restaurant, retail workers

Sep 29, 2014
Former GM CEO paid US$9 million in cash, stock

Sep 26, 2014
Has tripled in less than a decade
Current Issue
Employers need to update policies to incorporate new family-related leaves

Overtime banks can offer benefits if administered properly

Angela Pronchuk talks about her career as a payroll professional

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Average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees were $933 in March
Struggling with the decision to pay an intern or not? Canadian HR Reporter TV turned to the experts to get employers informed and keep out of any legal trouble

Getting Compensation Back on Track

Practical action plans for alleviating common pain points
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