Will payroll’s future include ROEs?

EI report recommends use of real-time payroll data instead
By Sheila Brawn
|Canadian Payroll Reporter|Last Updated: 03/01/2017

There may come a day when payroll departments no longer have to complete and submit Records of Employment (ROEs). Instead, Service Canada would use real-time information from employers’ payroll systems to determine if an Employment Insurance (EI) claimant was eligible for benefits.

That vision may become a reality if the federal government adopts a recommendation made last month in a report by a Parliamentary panel reviewing the quality of service that the EI program provides. The government launched the review last year to find out how EI could better serve Canadians.

In the Employment Insurance Service Quality Review panel’s report, called Making Citizens Central, the panel recommends that Service Canada work with key stakeholders to co-create a real-time payroll information-sharing solution.