Quebec minimum wage to increase May 1

Rate rising to $10.15 per hour
||Last Updated: 01/09/2013

Quebec will be increasing its general minimum wage rate on May 1 from $9.90 per hour to $10.15 per hour, according to Labour Minister Agnès Maltais.

This same increase also applies to employees in specified sectors of the clothing industry, including women's clothing, men’s clothing, men’s and boys’ shirts and leather gloves, said the government.

For employees who receive gratuities or tips, the rate will increase from $8.55 per hour to $8.75 per hour on May 1.

Raspberry pickers will see their current rate of $2.91 per kilogram rising to $2.98 per kilogram. The rate for strawberry pickers will rise from $0.77 per kilogram to $0.79 per kilogram.

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