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Canadian Payroll Reporter is a newsletter from two of the most renowned names in payroll publishing — Carswell and Canadian HR Reporter. The monthly print newsletter includes an e-newsletter linked to the publication's website

Canadian Payroll Reporter is designed to keep payroll practitioners and HR departments up to date on legislation, regulations, court decisions, technology advances and other developments and trends that affect the payroll department. In addition to identifying and sharing best practices, Canadian Payroll Reporter covers career development and professional certification for practitioners.

Payroll regulations are in a constant state of transition, so practitioners need the insider’s edge on payroll compliance. Receive 12 issues per year packed with in-depth analysis and informed commentary on trends. Subscriber questions are tackled by industry experts with years of payroll experience.

Gain access to the policies and initiatives of the Canada Revenue Agency. Receive timely information on pension reform, tax changes, parental leave and other benefits, garnishees, and other government requirements that affect the payroll function.

Eliminate hours of research every month. Get the information the payroll department needs to do the job right in an ever-changing regulatory and business environment.

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